Friday, March 27, 2009

Let it Snow - Colorado Blizzard '09

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I DID NOT have parent teacher conferences last week, and found myself loving that the teacher said that the kid was the most intelligent child in her class this year and in several years, but when she said he is very social was somewhat understanding as at work, I tend to be the one that everyone likes to chat with... how is that our issue? Ok, we are NOT social butterflies who need to clip our wings a bit. I also DID NOT realize that he needs to be more challenged at home and at school but really would rather he just chill out for awhile as Momma is in need of less challenging from him lately.

I DID NOT get to pick up my wedding rings on Monday, sized down from a 9 1/2 to a 6! They were NOT totally beautiful, and my husband DID NOT ask me to marry him all over again and put the rings on my finger. I DO NOT have the most amazing husband in the world.

I DID NOT invite the neighbor kid with us on Saturday to go to the thrift store, thinking that the kid might not be soooo quick to want to leave once we got there and I could possibly just marvel in all of the great deals. I DID NOT realize that they would both be ready to go in approx 10 minutes and after 30 minutes my son would actually NOT start crying because he couldn't believe how I could take soooo long. HE may actually NOT be my son at all. I know I physically gave birth to him, but he was removed from my room for a short period of time.... I know that they put those cute matching hospital bands on.... I know that he carries many of my (and the husbands) characteristics however.... I have questions here.

I DID NOT tell the husband that he could totally go hang out with the boys at BW3 and watch the UFC fights then when he decided to stay home, get kind of bummed out because I was hoping for some alone time to watch my shows, or scrapbook, or just stare at the wall.... maybe next time.

I DID NOT make monkey bread, and really f'ing hot salsa with the kid (totally don't go together and I have no idea why we would make the monkey bread and then decide to make salsa, but I think Amiri had so much fun in the kitchen we just kept going). I DID NOT totally let him wear his "baker in training" apron and chef hat, and act like a total dork.... just because he really is my son and therefore totally me.

I DID NOT ask my husband if "if I wake up at 4:30am tomorrow morning, I'm REALLY waking up at 3:30am right?" to which he DID NOT respond..... "again? how many years have you done this?" to which I DID NOT respond...."I just want to be sure that I am aware of how totally screwed I'm getting in this deal and by the way..... jerk" He is totally NOT funny and does NOT make me laugh every day. That little jerk.

I DID NOT wake up at 4:30am (really 3:30am) to a dream in which my son was totally jamming out at a southern baptist church where his Grandmother was in the choir (ok, let me just inform you.... we haven't been to my MIL's church and she is not on the choir), and he was dancing like crazy and I couldn't stop laughing hysterically. All I kept thinking in the dream was that even though he was into it, he was going to get in trouble.... or I was going to get in trouble for enjoying it too much. I DID NOT then wake up and start tell the husband about it (of course, I DID NOT wake him up to enjoy the time change with me), then he let me know that his stepmother (not the MIL from the dream) had just gotten saved the day before to which my son DID NOT walk into the room and exclaim "GRANDMA GOT SAVED? FROM WHAT?" Shall I remind you again that this is 4:30 (3:30) and I am really the only one that is required to be awake right now? I then DID NOT have to explain what being saved means, to which he asked is it like if you found jesus, then found buddha, then found jesus? This conversation will need to go on when I am more awake I think.... anyway I DID NOT just let him know since he hasn't lost Jesus, he's good. He seemed pretty happy with that because he let out a big "wheeew" and then went back to bed.

I HAVE NOT had a really weird morning.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT get up on Saturday, wash my face and throw on my sweats.... with the goal of running into my weight loss center for a quick check in only to NOT find the center preparing for our (and my) stabilization celebration (yes, because we made it to our goals) and was NOT totally in shock at the screams of "CONGRATULATIONS" "WHOA" "WAY TO GO" and the champagne popper thingy's going off when I walked in the door. Not at all! I did NOT then excuse myself to run back home, change and apply makeup quickly, grab the kid, and fly on back to the center to properly NOT thoroughly enjoy the party! I did NOT re-enter the room shouting "WHOA!!!! Where's the PARTY!!!!" like I'd not just been there 20 minutes before and the room did NOT break into full blown laughter at me because I'm just silly that way... I did NOT thoroughly embarrass my kiddo by offering him some fake champagne in a champagne glass, asking him if we should partake in the festivities and "get our party on" then tell him he might need to drive home if I had a little too much. He did NOT just shake his head and wonder if I'd ever grow up. Geez, Mom's.... I'll tell ya. We DID not celebrate each and every weight loss goal, from 15lbs to 178lbs (mine!) with the same jubilation and excitement. We did NOT give each other the best hugs at the end and release balloons into the sky to represent the things we have chosen to let go of along this journey. I did NOT offer the suggestion to my son that he let his bad attitude go with one of the balloons, and he did NOT suggest the same of me.

We did NOT laugh our butts off for the whole day because we are too much alike.

I did NOT have yet another wonderful weekend, even though the husband and I have colds because bad attitudes and feeling crappy are only for when you're at work!

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My Blog Awards!