Friday, October 31, 2008

Freedom # 2, Riding a Bike with my Son

Riding a bike with my son When I left California and moved to Ohio at 20 years old, my friends loaned me one of their 10 speeds. I rode it to work daily, and it was a life saver. I rode bikes on and off for a few years, but eventually I just became too large. I think I even can recall riding a bike before I got pregnant (at 29) but after that…. no. So, this butt has definitely NOT been on a bike in 8 years. I wanted to ride a bike with my son. I wanted to be next to him, enjoying the day, riding in the sun. There was a bike I required also….. a beach cruiser. Big, comfy seat…. old school. Like I grew up riding in California. This was the bike I had to have. So, back in May we found one at a garage sale. Big and comfy, my style…. nothing new about it! My son and I are riding in style, enjoying our days and laughing. What a great freedom. My son, and my new bike. Picture of the Beach Cruiser

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My Blog Awards!