Friday, October 31, 2008

WHOA! The Party!

The Party!!
So, my son is born at the beginning of October but every year it is my mission to get him to “hold off” on the party so that he can have a Halloween Bday….. every once in awhile, it works! Honestly, I don’t know if I should make him suffer through my Halloween fanaticism, but I do. I guess I can admit here, with all of you, that it’s really for me….. not for him. However, all of those birthday presents weren’t too rough on him. Ok, so decorating! SO MUCH FUN!!!! This year, my lovely husband built my cemetary fence with some old wood pallets…. adorable! Ok I mean, spooooky ; . It was the best place to hold in all of the wonderful homemade gravestones. Some are true epitaphs (”I told you I was sick”, “Here lies an atheist, all dressed up and no place to go”) and some are just fun (”Here I lay, rotting away. I never did learn what not to say…. so when I told her she was getting fat, she caved in my head with a baseball bat”). I will load pics as soon as I get them uploaded and I hope you enjoy it as much as I. We have tons of yard and inside decorations, that make the house ever so creepy and each year, the collection grows. Playing traditional Halloween games, and having tons of homemade treats for the kiddo’s is just the greatest and to see the excitement in their faces made my night. We played a Halloween “telephone” game which was hysterical as the kids could not keep the lines straight at all; we told scary stories, had a candy corn toss, did a mummy wrap, played trick or treat (they picked a “trick” or a “treat” card out of the pumpkin and bobbed for apples. The kids really enjoyed playing all of the games and could have kept playing all evening…. I made a ton of treats; mummy dogs, chocolate spiders, web dip and chips, chocolate covered mummies, taco tarts, rice krispy treats, miscellaneous white and dark chocolate suckers, graveyard cake and ice scream (with potion bottles filled with various mix ins). I enjoyed making everything, and I can see how much I’ve changed in the last year because I didn’t once want to eat anything “off plan”. I enjoyed making everything, and sharing it….. I didn’t need to eat it! It was a wonderful night and I look forward to doing it again next year! Wish me luck !


TMI Tara said...

I admire your son’s patience and your cute BDay idea!

SITS Girls said...

An atheist all dressed up with no where to go.. hahahahahahhaa

Mannequin said...

Wow; you go all out! It’s all I can do to sew the costume. Kids do love Halloween, don’t they?

Jeauxdi said...

Sounds like y’all had alot of fun! Hope he agrees! The food sounded so YUMMY!!!! I am a sucker for party finger food! LOL You did a great job!
Happy Halloween!


Shannon said...

OMGosh… with all that fun, why wouldn’t he agree to a Halloween-themed party! Cool!

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