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Freedom #6, Roller Skating

Freedom #6, Roller Skating!

This post was originally on another blog ( and was published in Nov of 2008; I never moved it over here when I moved my blog so I apologize for the oversight. But.... what a great freedom!

When I was little, I started out my love for roller skating with those metal wheeled skates that went over your tennies. I can still hear the sound of the metal on the asphalt. Thinking back, it would have been faster to have just walked to wherever I was heading then to have skated but I'm sure my parents rationale was that there was no fear of crashing or breaking of bones.... since you could barely move with those clank clank clank, skates.

Finally, it progressed to the "rad" sneaker skates; so cool! The envy of the rink; anyone with those awesome skates will inform you. There was nothing better than hanging your "own" skates by the laces over your shoulder, heading into "your" rink.... ah.... oh.... the rink. "Our rink" was called "ups and downs" and apparently it still exists (in Escondido, CA for those that are interested). My friends, sister and I would get dropped off by our parents..... just to skate for hours on end (likely in jordache jeans with an extra huge "goody" comb in our back pocket)! The music, the lights, the fun.... it was a dream; we didn't have a care in the world! Nothing outside of that rink existed; just us and our fun. We'd do the Hokey Pokey and the Electric Slide. We'd go out during "ladies only" and "all skate" and wonder if anyone would ask us to skate during "couples only".

We skated everywhere inside and outside of the rink.... but that was the time; the late 70's and early 80's. For those of you that were around during those times, I'd love for you to comment on your memories.... the music, the scene, the friends..... it was all so fun!

I couldn't remember the last time I put on a pair of skates. I remember the feeling; the joy and the love of skating.... I just physically couldn't remember when the last time I was on the rink; probably High School. It hadn't been something I really could say I missed until the invitation came.

A skate party. Then, it all rushed back to me.

Last year, my son was invited to a skating party and as I watched him skate around the rink I couldn't help but yearn for that feeling. But the anxiety of getting out there at 354lbs and falling won out over the idea of recapturing that moment.

This year however, being 150lbs lighter.... I was feeling it! I got my skates and my son and out we went. Oh my gosh. Let me just say, yes... I did it. I went out and skated. I went around the rink. I was so scared! I don't ever remember my current feeling; the one in which I didn't have any control of my feet... that memory must have escaped me! It was fun, don't get me wrong.... but at 5'11" the floor looked much further down and much harder then I remember. My son kept asking if I was "good"; could he move on? Ummm.... no! He was not allowed to leave me out there alone with all of those maniac kids trying to cause a collision with me! No way! He even offered to turn around with me so I could go back where I started.... rude! I wasn't doing THAT bad! I was finishing this; I'm no quitter!

When we got back to where we had entered the rink, I was starting to feel a little more comfortable... THEN... on came a voice through the loudspeaker announcing a "skate-race" game.... my newly acquired escape was in motion; you didn't need to tell me twice..... I was SO outta there! I thanked him for sticking with me, gave him a big kiss and told him to enjoy the game.

And off my darling little boy skated, wind in his hair, music in his ears, not a care in the world....
And I was so happy for us both.

What are your memories of roller skating?


Lacey said...

I have to say, I have NO fond memories of skating! (My mom blames it on my weak ankles, but I know better... it's called "weak balance!")

Still though, I absolutely love this story. Having just "met" you, I find it amazing that you've transformed yourself so much during the last year. It's powerful stuff, lady! :D

Diane said...

I LOVE to skate (and did a post on it a while ago :). I had the metal skates, the boot skates, and now rollerblades. I still can't stop on those damned things but I love to go!

Jennifer said...

I remember roller skating parties i the 4th and 5th grade with Disco balls and lining up hoping the right boy would ask me to skate. Fun memories.

wendy said...

Wow - 7th grade. We went skating EVERY weekend. We had so much fun back then...and we were so cool! LOL! What a riot! Thanks for the memories! Funny thing, though, I'm scared to death to skate on rollerblades!

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