Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not actually expect the San Diego Chargers to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. That would have been irrational and expecting WAY too much from them. I would never do that to my favorite under-achievers.
I did not purchase my puppy a shirt because he'd look SOOO cute in it and it had a buddha on it which I thought was cool. I would never embarrass any of my dogs in this way.

I did not drop several "f" bombs while trying to get my son to complete his homework. Being that I only parent with "love and logic" that just would not come out of my mouth. Plus, I never use vulgarity.... NEVER.

I did not rent pineapple express and laugh when I realized that every pothead I've ever met or -not- hung out with (in younger days) was represented.


blueviolet said...

I did not also absolutely love that movie nor would I ever let an expletive leave my lips. We're way too cool and put together to do anything as unladylike as that.

But, you're on your own with the dog shirt! lol ;)

Jen said...

If I had a dog I would not totally get clothes for it. They just look so darn cute.

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My Blog Awards!