Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh boy......

I did not have a continuous dream on Saturday night about a wedding I had to attend as a bridesmaid that appeared to be out of "bridezilla".

I did not allow my son to watch Nanny 911 in order to get ideas on new bad behavior; I swear that this is not something he would study up on or would he say things like... "see Mom, now those kids.... THEY are BAD"!

I did not wash all of the boys clothes only to discover at bedtime, that the hamper was miraculously filled again? These clothes DO NOT resemble the clean clothes I asked him to put away, do they?

I did not allow my son to eat ice cream for dinner because he's been sick and was finally feeling up to playing video games with Dad, and having a little fun. Nope, I'm all about nutrition.... not mint chocolate chip.

I did not attempt to figure out why, I am still wide awake at 2:45am with my husband. I did not decide that we should pretend like we were in our 20's again, and just dating (with no kid asleep upstairs) and laugh hysterically to the point of tears at each other, play video games, then "just chill".

I did not get excited everytime I heard Barack Obama's name today; with the optimism I haven't felt in 8 years (if at all).... knowing that "yes we can" and we will.


Hey Mama where's my... said...

Mint chocolate chip is the best medicine ever anyway so it okay, well, if you had let him have it :)

Great list~

blueviolet said...

You were in your 20's and dating...awwwww. I just love laughing and having fun!

Tomorrow!! That's the day!

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